Two hour ​m​inimum on weekends​:​
$200 - 1 hour
$400 - 2 hours
Each additional hour​ is​ $150​ per hour​.
$200 - 1 hour / 1 pony
$350 - 2 hours / 1 pony
$500 - 3 hours / 1 pony
$400 - 1 hour / 2 ponies
$700 - 2 hours / 2 ponies
$1,000 - 3 hours / 2 ponies
$700 two hours with one pony.
$1,050 two hours with two ponies.

Straw Bale Rental: $10 per bale, when available.

Canopy Rental: Over petting zoo to provide shade $10 each. Canopies are required if temperatures are above 85 degrees.

Tarp Rental: We offer tarps with pine shavings to cover ground where the animals will be. This is necessary if you want your petting zoo on concrete. We are able to set up on grass or dirt. Grass must be clean and free of mud and fertilizers. If handler feels grass is unsanitary a tarp will be required. One tarp size covers 12X15ft with one new bag of shavings $20 each. Average petting zoo set up is 24X30ft.

Travel Fee: $1 per mile to and from your event. Travel fee is always required unless located off HWY 1 in 90265. Please understand that trailers are not permitted on Kanan rd and milage is based on our alternative routes.

Distance Fee: This applies to the petting zoo only - if location is over 50 feet away from parking or if no reserved parking a $50 fee applies. NO EXCEPTIONS! please have trash cans or any obstacles removed from walkway. If you want the animals and fencing to be carried to your back yard, this fee may apply. Parking for truck and trailer is minimum of 35ft.

Payment: Farm Friendz requires a $100 deposit to finalize your reservation. Deposit can be paid through PayPal or check by mail (personal checks OK) The remaining balance is due on arrival the day of event. We do not start setting up until remaining balance is paid. If payment is late, we will not be held responsible for late set up for your event. Farm friendz accepts cash, money order, cashiers check, and company checks - NO personal checks or credit cards accepted for final payment.

Cancellations: Deposit is fully refundable if canceled within 30 days of scheduled event. If weather permits rain/storm on your party date, we will refund your deposit. If short notice cancelation is made, deposit will not be refunded but can be used towards another available date for up to 1 year.

Can accept payment through Card Square

Pricing for Party Petting Zoo

arm Friendz has two fun services that can be purchased separately or bundled together. If you want to start with two hours and decide to add an extra hour, just let us know! We may have to go play with more friends later on, so please let us know in advance so everyone can have a great day.

The Farm Friendz mobile petting zoo gives you the chance to play with a bunch of different animals, and our pony rides let kids enjoy being pulled in a carriage by adorable mini horses or riding a pony for the first time.

We charge a travel fee based on milage so it is fair to everyone. The only time it costs more than the base price is if you want extras or if we have to park a long distance from the setup location, and thats for having to wrangle our loosey goosey furry friends! We want you to have a fun time with our Farm Friendz.